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Elite Changes in Policy due to the Corona Virus.

​​First and foremost, our thoughts are with those affected by the virus- particularly those who are sick. We wish them a speedy recovery, and we remain inspired by our healthcare workers and others who are caring for people around the world.

What Elite is doing to help:
We realize this can become an emotionally charged subject when heath concern is a factor. Because of this, we have temporarily changed our policy to allow for future credits in lieu of the client-forfeiting their reservation fees. Should you decide to cancel your upcoming party or event with 30 days notice (or more) before your event, the sample email (below article) will apply. This temporary addendum is subject to change at anytime.. 

Corona Virus Information and Elite's Summary
A constant stream of information from the media has everyone (understandably) on edge. I share in your concerns. I also take solace in the fact the virus has had little actual impact on the state's population-at least so far. However, the reaction alone has significantly affected the stock market, your 401k, businesses, and the economy.

Shedding some light:
The corona virus's effect has been described as very similar to the flu. The death rates are a higher percent reported by the World Health Organization (WHO). However in that same statement, the WHO additionally stated this is due to *unrecorded patients with mild symptoms- and the resulting death rate is likely to be significant reduced as more cases are recorded. 

Insightful video from Dr. Drew. (he remains steadfast in his views today)

Facts NOT highlighted by media:

-The CDC has NOT made any recommendations to: Close restaurants, work from home, or cancel any activities. It HAS however, recommended everyone to wash hands and limit exposure to those who are sick. Reference to this information can be found on the  CDC website link.

---The NBA player with Corona virus was from France
---Tom Hanks contracted the virus in Australia and is still in Australia.
---The 1 death in Georgia was from underlying health conditions complicated by the corona virus.
---80% of patients with corona virus have mild symptoms; similar to the common cold. More intense cases are reported as similar to the flu.
--- In our opinion, media reporting of the virus is skewing public opinion. It has NOT yet been proven to be more severe than the flu, spread quicker than the flu, and the higher death rates are very-likely inflated (ref: WHO info above). 
--- Currently the risk of death from the virus only occurs in patients who are immunocompromised (cancer patients for example), have heart disease, or are above 75 yrs. old.
---(Compared to the USA) Italy has a much older population, with a much higher rate of smokers, and hospitals were not prepared for the virus. Additionally, the rapid spread in Italy is currently attributed to the dense population, a much older population, and the unequipped/unprepared hospital systems.
---Luckily, the USA is far ahead of the hospital capability/preparedness in Italy.

Some considerations:
Georgia population is roughly 10 million residents. In the past 3 months...

-Georgia’s recorded flu cases:  105,000
-As of 03/23/20 Georgia’s recorded Corona-flu cases: 600-1000 or   .0061%

-The Death Rate in the USA is 1.3% and declining  (far less than the stated 3.4%) 

-An interview with one of the nations leading expert of infectious disease at John Hopkins stated: Once we get a clearer picture, the highest death rate expected in The United States will likely fall in a range of .04% to .06% - most of those clustered in the advanced aged with existing medical complications. Ref: Amesh Adalja, MD, is an infectious disease specialist at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security. 

The reporting on this virus has created quite a panic; my family being no exception. I have a 2-year-old daughter and a loving wife. We are just as concerned as the next family. We decided that NOT adding to the panic by stopping all activities--- is the best course of action. I take comfort in reviewing the numbers above. My personal fears: the panic-effect may put the economy into recession. At that point, we’ll have a tangible concern that affects us all.

With serious consideration given for the health and safety of party-guests in mind, I feel cancelling a gathering is not currently necessary when considering the health of guests. Obviously the decision is yours. At the very least, the numbers stated above should be in line with the current consensus. Therefore, as I am sure you would agree, an ensuing debate would not be productive.

In the meantime, I sincerely hope this email helped to provide some insight and perspective. Should you have any questions, I am always here to help. 
Jeremy Bodechon
Elite Private Bartenders
Owner/Event Manager/Bartender

If you decide to cancel, the follow email would be sent if notified at least 30 days before your event or party. You may have already received this email.

I am sorry to hear you will no longer be needing our Elite Private Bartender services. Upon your request, I cancelled your bartender reservation. Unfortunately, we do not refund reservation fees, as this helps cover our intangible bartender service costs. I attached a copy of your receipt, and pasted the agreement terms below for your convenience. 

HOWEVER, you'll receive a credit for your reservation fee. Although credits are not typical, we feel it necessary given the situation. It can be used for any other occasion. i.e. event at different facility, house party, birthday party, work party, etc. Please reference this email as proof of issued credit; if utilized.

Important stipulations regarding credit:
1. Must be used within 180 days of today. 
2. Is not transferable. You or your spouse, must be the host of the function to utilize this credit.
3. This credit is not redeemable for cash or any other service.
4. Must re-reserve new event at least 20 days prior to new event or party date.
5. Your previous contracted price may be different based on location and timing.
6. Credits may only be transferred to a new date one time; and would be forfeited if the second reserved date is subsequently cancelled.
Upon you notification we have cancelled:
1. Your scheduled bartender(s)s for this event. 
2. Your specific insurance coverage for this date. (included with every bartender)
3. Internal logistic supply and hardware delivery arrangements(if any).
4. Current in-process administrative coordination of staff.
5. Internal operational, coordination, and planning procedures.

Agreement Terms:
Client agrees: Submitting credit card information constitutes agreement of services and terms; and no signature is required. All documentation sent is confidential; and cannot be shared. Reservation fee is for date selected only. Charge-backs on credit cards will incur a 100.00 fee in addition to lost payment. Cancellation of a reservation for any reason shall forfeit all purchaser fees and deposits. If purchaser decides event cancellation for any reason, management must be notified via email 3 days before a scheduled payment to avoid charge. Any credit card declines will incur a $50 late fee in addition to remaining balance. Late fees will continue weekly until full balance is satisfied. Unforeseen parking fees at event location incurred by the bartender will automatically be added to the final payment. Elite Private Bartenders has exclusive rights over all staff provided. ***Special note: If agreed upon by on-site staff only, client may add additional hours during the occasion which will automatically be charged to credit card at a rate of $50/hour. Any outside agreements made directly with on-site staff are null and void, and super-ceded by these terms. Staff on site may leave at any time due to mistreatment, drugs on premises, sexual harassment, or any situation equally discomforting. No person(s) can book bartenders provided by Elite Private Bartenders (or any affiliate companies) without written consent from Elite Private Bartenders. Thank you so much for choosing our elite bartender and staffing services.We look forward to serving you and making your day incredibly special with our organization, professionalism, and fun!

Some of the reasons behind our agreement terms:
1. Upon booking we share proprietary company tools and information. These tools are only sent to clients who have committed to using our Elite services via reservation fee.
2. To book our bartenders we charge a reservation fee; not a deposit. This is applied to the total balance; however, it is considered a fee for the booking and coordination of services.
3. Elite can not be held responsible for client circumstances which may alter the eligibility or application of Elite Private Bartender services.
4. Reservations effect  proposed pricing for other clients on the reserved date.
5. We make substantial efforts to hire, train, and educate our staff. Many times, they have rearranged their personal schedules to work events for Elite. In doing so, they are not eligible for other events on that date. 
Although I have offered some of the reasons behind our agreement terms, these circumstances are not included in our agreement. This is to protect the client (to ensure they receive services; and have peace of mind that services will be rendered as promised). For this same reason, (for the protection of Elite Private Bartenders) we do not allow possible circumstances of the client, facility, or any other 3rd party to alter or cancel the agreement without being bound to the terms as outlined. 

We hope you understand.
​Jeremy Bodechon
Elite Private Bartenders
Owner/Event Manager/Bartender