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Flair bartenders are highly skilled bartenders with the ability to flip bottles, juggle bottles, perform amazing tricks, entertain your guests. They are the pinnacle of the bartending craft.  In cities across the United States, there are only a small handful of amazingly skilled people left. Currently there are 20 Event Flair Bartenders in the USA; most of whom are a part of our Elite Flair Team. 

We are a nationwide flair bartender for hire - provider with a member of our Elite Flair Team in most major cities. However, many cities only have 1 or none. It is important to book your flair bartender as far in advance as possible. The Elite Flair Team has become so popular we created a separate website: www.EliteFlairBartender.com but you can also get a quote right here.

Videos of REAL Elite Flair Team members- below!