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"Wedding Bartenders are the most important vendor.
Guests interact with them more than any other service."

How to Hire Wedding Bartender. 
What should I look for when hiring a bartender service?

Wedding Bartenders for Hire: Elite Private Bartenders

Elite will be the one vendor you don't have to worry about on your special day. Weddings are Elite's specialty! We currently service 200+ weddings per year.

About our staff:
Elite staff is clean-cut, youthful, dependable, and responsible. They are respectful, eager to please, hard working, and fun! Elite's staff members are real bartenders with extensive experience. Elite bartenders are also business professionals, police officers, firefighters, and college students. Each staff member is trained to provide the best "above and beyond" experience for our clients. 

Wedding bartenders are a vital component to ensure the bar is organized and efficent for your thirsty guests. We are admittedly bias, but... the most important wedding vendor is the bar service. Bartenders are the people who interact with your guests the most!

Understandibly, clients initially think of a bartender service as simple. There can however, be many client decisions which impact on the wedding. What about coolers, bar placement, ice, set up, and how much to get of every item? What about the ice, limes, cup sizes, signature drinks, and full bar vs beer/wine? (and much, much, more) A good bartender company is able to provide detailed insights on the pro/cons of each...and why. Experience level of the bar service will have a huge impact on your special day.

Bar Service vs a Bartender
Events are an entirely different ballgame when it comes to bartending. Knowing how to bartend is obviously required, but the other 50% is actually wedding/event knowledge and experience. When comparing bartender companies, it is important to ask yourself...are they a real company, or just a one person show?  We all have to start somewhere, (been there) so I know their limitations.  Just ask: "Will you be able to staff 4 bartenders for my event?"  How many bottles of wine do I need for 40 people? How does the timing of the bridal send-off effect the bar? How do cup sizes affect budget and consumption? How many pounds of ice do I need for 75 people? What's a good fruity drink? 

Look for a professional company with experience in weddings. Ask them how many weddings they have serviced?  If curious, Elite has bar-serviced over 1000 weddings. 

Following the wedding cerimony there's a rush for the bar.  Clients from any event will attest: DO NOT HIRE THE CATERING BARTENDER. We know for a fact: hiring bartenders from the catering causes bar-organization to decline, bc caterers hire us sometimes. Now, I realized we are biased, but consider this:  would you hire an Elite Private Bartender to provide horderves? They are food experts, we are the bar experts.

Most bar service companies allow 70 guests per bartender; with Elite being slightly higher.  A professional bar service is vital. Ask the prospective company what kind of bartenders they hire. If they say "we get them right out of bartending school" (which most do) you might wish to consider another service.

Bonus tip:   the more you hear "it depends" without  additional explanation-- the more you should explore other options.

Other wedding service considerations: ***Insurance***
Hire a company that is insured with Liquor Liability Insurance. This will protect the host and the location. It shifts the liability from host to the professional bar service. The company serving your guests better be insured! Make them prove it. Upon your request, they should provide a Liquor Liability Insurance certificate. Reputable companies will provide it with their quote.

Professionalism is key
Request a professional quote- this will tell you a lot about their work ethic and organization. You should always receive a quote (or at least be contacted) same day.  A simple email saying "it'll be 350.00" is not good enough, and should be a strong indicator of their work ethic. At the very least, their quote should provide a detailed overview of services with pricing. 

If you follow these simple steps, you'll find a professional, experienced, and responsible bartender service for your special day. 

Hope this helps! Remember, there's a science behind every bar.

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